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    Attractions → Mintaqat az Zabadani

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    Mountain Kassion

    Mountain Kassion (Kasyun) has a height of 1155 meters above sea level (height above the level of Damascus is 456 meters) Kassion not only a great view overlooking almost the entire city Especially beautiful here in the dark Gore is also known for... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Monastery of St. Mary Saednaya

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    • Saydnaya
    Monastery of the Virgin Mary located in the village Saednaya 27 kilometers from Damascus on a high cliff (1500 meters above sea level) According to legend the emperor was the Virgin Yustynіyanu and wished that this place was built the temple In 547... attractions, Galleries and Museums


    Saidnaya the current Orthodox monastery one of the largest convents in Syria It is located in the village of Saydnaya near Damascus The main attraction Saidnaya is the miraculous icon of Our Lady  Mother revered in Christianity sanctification... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Jala'a Park

    Railway Museum in Damascus

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    • Damascus
    Railway Museum in Damascus one of the oldest cities in the world is a small area with enough pravobrazaў modern rolling stock There are models made of wood There are models  locomotives that are left over from the British Unfortunately the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    National Museum of Damascus

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    • Damascus
    National Museum of Damascus the largest and most popular museum in Damascus the Syrian capital The museum is famous in the first place a unique reconstruction of Dura Europos synagogue which dates from the second century AD National Museum of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Station Hidzhas

    Hidzhas Station the old railway station located in the Syrian capital the city of Damascus Currently the station is rather an architectural monument and museum than a transportation hub Hidzhas station was built by the Turks in 1917 as a terminal... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument Salah al-Din

    Monument of Salah ad Din the equestrian statue that shows Saladin the great sultan of Egypt and Syria a talented commander and spiritual leader of Islam twelfth century The monument is located in the capital of Syria Damascus near the historical... attractions, Cultural objects

    Barada River

    Beard is the main river which is the capital of Syria Damascus The river originates in the mountain range Antylіvan flows southeast and empties into the lake of the same name The river has several tributaries the largest of which Nahr el Arak The... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Souq Al Hamidi

    Souq al Hamid is the largest retail market in the whole of Syria It is located in the capital in the historic center of Damascus and is famous for its antiquity Souq al Hamid refers to the indoor markets market starts from the Victory Gate and is an... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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