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    The architectural complex Tetrapylon

    • Khara'ib Tadmur, Syria
    • The architectural complex Tetrapylon$$
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      Tetrapylon - local monument to the Syrian city of Palmyra, which is a monumental architectural design, which consists of columns and stone platforms. Together with other historical monuments of ancient Palmyra Tetrapylon recognized Syria's cultural heritage and is under the auspices of UNESCO.

      Tetrapylon - one of the best preserved structures among the ruins of Palmyra. Tetrapylon consists of four monumental grounds, over each of which rise four tall pillars with a flat platform at the top. The facility is a kind of triumphal arch - such arches in ancient times was set at the crossroads of the main roads or surrounded them urban area.

      Tetrapylon - very impressive structure. Height alone massive columns of seventeen meters. One of the sixteen columns made of pink marble, others carved in stone. Previously, each of the top four platforms were statues, but to date they have not been preserved. Nevertheless, the ancient Syrian Tetrapylon still makes an indelible impression on tourists on the right being the most beautiful building of ancient Palmyra.

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