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    Monastery of St. Mary Saednaya

    • Saydnaya, Syria
    • Monastery of St. Mary Saednaya$$
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      Monastery of the Virgin Mary located in the village Saednaya, 27 kilometers from Damascus, on a high cliff (1500 meters above sea level). According to legend, the emperor was the Virgin Yustynіyanu and wished that this place was built the temple. In 547, the monastery was founded, now it is a place of pilgrimage for Christians from around the world, as well as the monastery is very revered by Muslims.

      In Saednayskom monastery is particularly revered icon of the Virgin, written as argued by the Apostle Luke. Icon considered miraculous and myrrh-streaming, pilgrims it does not always show, but you can see the chest in which the icon is hidden. In addition, in the monastery of many ancient and modern icons. Antiques lovers will be interesting Byzantine frescoes and mosaics.

      Allowed to visit almost all the rooms of the monastery except monastic cells. At the entrance to some of the rooms need to take off your shoes. Services are in Arabic. Main number of pilgrims gather here on September 8 each year Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin. From the area in front of the monastery, where vehicles stop, to the door of the complex can be reached not only on foot along a stone staircase, but the elevator.

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