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    National Museum of Damascus

    • Damascus, Syria
    • National Museum of Damascus$$
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      National Museum of Damascus - the largest and most popular museum in Damascus, the Syrian capital. The museum is famous in the first place a unique reconstruction of Dura-Europos synagogue, which dates from the second century AD.

      National Museum of Damascus was opened in 1936, but the selection of future exposure began even earlier - in 1919. Now the museum contains unique archeological and historical exhibits that illustrate the development of civilization for centuries. The exhibits are divided into five thematic groups: prehistoric, ancient Syria, Byzantium, the Islamic period and contemporary art.

      One of the most valuable pieces in the museum - the world's first alphabet found in the city of Ebla. As can be seen in the halls of stone statues of gods Arab bust Ugaritic Prince, carved ivory, many ancient frescoes and antique jewelry. In addition, the museum has a rich collection of medieval weapons.

      National Museum of Damascus - one of the main attractions of the Syrian capital. The richest collection of the museum attracts many tourists.

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