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    Lake Birkat Ram

    • Rimah, Syria
    • Lake Birkat Ram$$
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      Lake Birkat Ram - a picturesque lake in the northeast of the Golan Heights, at the foot of Mount Hermon.

      Small lake (length - 900 meters, width - about 650 meters, depth - 10.6 meters) nourish meltwater from the tops of mountains and underground sources. It is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, so it is geometrically correct shape of an ellipse. Through its form it always was surrounded by myths and legends: the Greeks called the lake "bowl", ancient forests of Ituri thought it was a magic pond created for bathing pilgrims who climb to the temple on top of Hermon. Arab believed that the lake as in the cup summer heat keeps feet-old Hermon.

      The lake and its surroundings are ideal for summer vacation. People come here to swim, fish and boating.

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