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    Monument Salah al-Din

    • As Sinjaqdar, Syria
    • Monument Salah al-Din$$
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      Monument of Salah ad-Din - the equestrian statue that shows Saladin, the great sultan of Egypt and Syria, a talented commander and spiritual leader of Islam twelfth century. The monument is located in the capital of Syria - Damascus, near the historical center of the city. 

      Opening of the monument was dedicated to the 800 anniversary of the death of Salah ad-Din. The bronze statue, created by famous sculptor Abdullah al-Sayed, was presented to the public in 1993.

      The sculpture depicts a group of Salah ad-Din during his battles with the Crusaders. The commander himself sitting on a horse and was holding a sword, and around it there are three foot soldiers. As explained by the sculptor himself, he wanted to portray the great sultan is not a single fighter, a leader and commander in chief, which is the people. On the reverse side of the composition can be seen two prisoners Salah al-Din - fallen crusader Guy de Luzіnyan and Raynald of Châtillon.

      Now a monument of Salah ad-Din - naypapulyarnaya attraction of Damascus and the famous symbol of the city. Sultan Salah ad-Din - one of the most revered figures in Islam, and his monument has always attracted tourists Muslims. However craftsmanship and clarity of the statue can hit even quite nerelіgіynae person.

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