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    Souq Al Hamidi

    • Al Hamidiyah, Syria
    • Souq Al Hamidi$$
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      Souq al-Hamid - is the largest retail market in the whole of Syria. It is located in the capital, in the historic center of Damascus and is famous for its antiquity.

      Souq al-Hamid refers to the indoor markets: market starts from the Victory Gate and is an almost kilometer pass under the dark iron roof. At the end of the shopping street stand tall ancient columns - the remains of a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter. 

      This place has long been the trade, but its modern form and the name of the market was only in 1865, during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Hamid II. A little later, after numerous fires, wooden roof replaced the iron market.

      The market Souk al-Hamid sell everything - from hookahs, silks and handmade carpets and ending with gold, spices and traditional oriental sweets. In addition, the market is the famous ice cream parlor Bakdash - local monument Souq al-Hamid. Ice cream is made directly in the presence of visitors, and it is just great to eat.

      In general, the Souq al-Hamid - a great place for shopping. It's loud, bustling place, perfectly suitable to plunge into the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of Damascus and buy many souvenirs in memory of Syria.

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