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    • Saydnaya, Syria
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      Saidnaya - the current Orthodox monastery, one of the largest convents in Syria. It is located in the village of Saydnaya, near Damascus. The main attraction Saidnaya is the miraculous icon of Our Lady Mother, revered in Christianity sanctification and attracts many pilgrims.

      Saidnaya was founded in the sixth century Byzantine emperor Yustynіyanam I. According to legend, in 546, during the war against the Persians Emperor stopped in the village of Saydnaya, where he was an angel. In the same year, this place was founded a monastery, exists today.

      The famous icon of the Mother of God came to Saidnaya in the eighth century. With this holy image linked to many legends and rumors - it is assumed that the icon painted by St. Luke. Also offered miraculous properties of the icon - She recorded a few plants, and since then the number of pilgrims it does not dry out.

      The icon is stored in a special chapel in a silver chest. Access to the miraculous icon of limited - pilgrims can be approached only in the box, but the icon is hidden from visitors. However, it did not reduce the number of people who come to Saidnaya pray next to the shrine.

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