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    Station Hidzhas

    • Al Qanawat, Syria
    • Station Hidzhas$$
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      Hidzhas Station - the old railway station, located in the Syrian capital, the city of Damascus. Currently, the station is rather an architectural monument and museum than a transportation hub.

      Hidzhas station was built by the Turks in 1917 as a terminal station railway line Hidzhas on which Muslim pilgrims went to Mecca. Now the station has lost its value, but its beautiful architecture authorship Spanish architect Fernando de Aranda and interesting interior of the building saved from oblivion. The ceiling is beautifully decorated with mosaics and stained glass windows through the inside gets a lot of light.

      The building is represented by an old steam locomotive in 1908, and opened a cozy cafe. Nearby bookstore. And on the square in front of the station running an old fountain, built at the same time to the station.

      Visiting Hidzhas station, of course, can not be compared with an overview of more grandiose monuments Damascus - it's just a cozy, quiet place where you can relax and unwind. It is this station and attracts tourists.

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